The best entrepreneurs possess an unstoppable drive to succeed. They share a mindset and culture that requires no translation. It’s our privilege to work with them to achieve their ambitions.


March 28-29, 2019
Geneva & Lausanne


Learn more about our companies and their successes, and look for us at major industry events and conferences.


We have built reputations as professional, value-added investors and successful entrepreneurs. You’ll find we possess winning track-records and have held senior executive positions in the world’s leading technology companies, venture capital partnerships, and investment banking firms.


We strive to provide our entrepreneurs and investment partners with extraordinary insights and global market expertise. Beyond providing venture capital, we work tirelessly across multiple time zones, open doors to unparalleled talent and a global network of relationships, and help pave the way for our companies to succeed around the world. In addition to years of both operational and investing experience, we have experience in engineering, business development, operations, sales and marketing, management consulting, strategic planning and banking. We possess an unrivaled experience base and know what it takes to make a business work.


We invest in companies that have strong management teams, large market opportunities, and possess either a proprietary technology or some other defensible and sustainable competitive advantage.


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We invest in highly-motivated, bright and passionate entrepreneurs — based in Silicon Valley or from the Baltics and Eastern Europe — developing proven technologies that will serve global markets. The companies will be incorporated in western jurisdictions.

The best way to ensure that your idea or company gets the attention it deserves is to approach us with a referral from someone we know and trust. It’s often helpful to surround yourself with people on your board, in senior management positions or in key advisory roles who have established track records of success and relevant industry experience.


We receive many submissions each month and evaluate companies along the following criteria:

  1. Team
  2. Technology
  3. Market
  4. Financing

The best way to get your idea to stand out is to carefully think out and clearly demonstrate your thoughts regarding these areas in your proposal.


Are you a superstar? Can you attract superstars? What have you done previously that has been a knockout success, business or technically? What is unique about your team’s background that will enable you to be successful? We require that some of your team be located in Eastern Europe.


What problem does your technology solve, and why is your approach unique and defensible? What fundamental advance does your technology demonstrate? What are the technical barriers to entry based upon your proposal that will work in your favor?


What is the size of the market for your technology? Who are your competitors? How well funded are your competitors? What do your current customers say appeals to them and why?


How much will it require to get you to the major milestones in the evolution of your proposal? What milestones can a future financing be based upon by executing to your targeted plan? Our model focuses on early stage investing, primarily Series A.




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