Irina Goryacheva

Marketing and Talent Aquisition Director

Irina Goryacheva is a Marketing and Talent Acquisition Director of Almaz Capital. Irina is responsible for HR and recruitment, public relations and marketing strategy of the fund. Beside of managing all these functions within the fund itself, she works with startup founders on these matters and develops Almaz portfolio companies community leveraging cross-pollination opportunities.

In her previous management consultancy and head-hunting career, Irina ran a Belgian management consulting firm, Attracta, which she co-founded; and was an executive recruiter with Ward Howell International and H.Neumann International, where she specialized in building finance and investment teams with C-level executives. Also she served as the director of organizational development for the Evraziyskiy Group.

As operations/program director, Irina organized and managed lots of innovation, venture capital and technology events, among the latest there are East Europe Tech Tour 2018 and 2019 in Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

She holds M.S. in Economics.

Today my interests are in building community of Almaz portfolio companies and a network among VC ecosystem in CEE